Would you like to be called a “Perennial?” Images of flowers come to mind. No, not for me. Nonetheless, Clare Ansberry is onto something. Her recent Wall Street Journal article “Forget ‘Senior Citizen’ — Aging Baby Boomers Search for a Better Term” is spot on. Clearly, I am not alone in my quest to find a better term.

So here’s my suggestion: “Expressive Age” — meaning a time in life and the way you express it. It reflects those of us in the third quarter of life (ages 50 to 75).

Yes, I brand myself with Expressive Age. Don’t label me a senior, elderly, or even baby boomer. Just call me at an Expressive Age. And like others my age 50 to 75, with the good fortune of physical, mental, and financial health, there are many opportunities for self-expression. But even without those advantages, we all express ourselves in numerous ways.

What is self-expression at any age? How does it change as we age? These questions led me to brand myself with “ExpressiveAge,” meaning both a period of life and the way you to express it.

There are a wide range of ways to express oneself. There is mid- and late-career accomplishment. There is exploration through travel into new and unknown cultures. Learning new knowledge and skills is way to express oneself.  Advocacy, volunteerism, painting, music, writing, genealogy research, and fitness goals are just a few of the ways we express who we are and are becoming. Some express themselves in culinary ways and connoisseurship. Others express themselves by seeking new friendships. Still others build and maintain communities. Being “social” on social media is another form of self-expression.

Expressive Age is the way I express myself as a blogger and CEO. Enjoy what it has offers you in terms of inspiration and resources.