Genealogy is a way to express yourself. It can become a bit addictive because there is always a puzzle to solve, a mystery to unravel. Where did they come from? What were their names? What was going on during the time when they lived?

I recently had access to my Grand Uncle’s archives. I photographed old records such as a letter written in 1960 of a recollection of a family story that two children had been saved by being smuggled off an island during a revolt. It was a “story” I had heard since I was a young girl. Was there any truth to it? We all know how rumors travel and after a few retellings later, there is nothing about the original story.

Well, this story continues to intrigue me. What I discovered I won’t share in this blog (but maybe future ones)! What I can say is that there are so many resources for us to explore. I contacted scholars and genealogical societies in Paris, Berlin, Kentucky, and Florida. The story came alive but not without some very painful details of slavery and brutality on the way to freedom.

Your take-away? Discovering an ancestor is not just a name, time, and location, it’s about imagining the time in which they lived. History is rich with insights. Being an Expressive Age can mean learning all you can about where you came from, as you live fully in the time in which we all exist now. Happy hunting!