Photo by SR.

Would you like to be called a “Perennial?” Images of flowers come to mind. No, not for me.

Nonetheless, Clare Ansberry is onto something. Her recent Wall Street Journal article “Forget ‘Senior Citizen’—Aging Baby Boomers Search for a Better Term” reports how many baby boomers don’t want to identify with unflattering labels. Like it or not, labels become a shorthand meme.  For some, “millenial” is a dirty word while for others it’s a privilege. Those designated as “senior” may take on the persona and begin to feel invisible and outdated. My point is that language matters and impacts our self-esteem.

Not finding a label that fits, I am now comfortable thinking of myself as being at an “Expressive Age” because it reflects a time in life (50 to 75) and the multitude of ways we can express it.