Yesterday, I attended the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society’s Fall Benefit Luncheon because I want to support its mission to preserve, document, and share the stories of the families across the state of New York.

I was assigned to table five and when I sat down, I smiled and introduced myself to the man next to me.  I asked him what his connection was to the Society.  It’s the break-the-ice question: What brings you here?  I discovered that he’s interested in genealogy and DNA to make sense of his family’s roots in New York and Connecticut.  The woman to his left mentioned that she’s just beginning to learn about genealogy.  I was pleased to make a mental note that each of these table-mates are at an Expressive Age and clearly genealogy resonates with them.

The Guest Speaker, Russell Shorto, masterfully described how he researched historical, transcribed documents to write his well-known books.  After success with Island at the Center of the World, Amsterdam, and Revolution Song, he’s now moving in a new direction:  GENEALOGY.

Followers of Russell Shorto’s books will be interested to know that he has completed research into his Italian family history, by recording oral histories and discovering, letters, and photos to tell the story.  What intrigues me is that Russell plans to launch an online course to help a select group of people learn to write (tell) their family story.  Stay tuned as I learn more.  For now, when historians meet genealogists, magic can occur!