How does a city re-fresh itself? Perhaps by installing a Poetry Jukebox for people in a hurry.  I think of it as another version of slow down and smell the roses.  But what is shown here is a place to stand still and hear poems recited at a kiosk. 

How do we “re-fresh” ourselves, particularly after the end of a long fulfilling career?  That’s what the neighbor in my apartment building mentioned in a casual conversation near the elevator.   He and his wife are retired and actively traveling the world.  They had fulfilling, meaningful careers.  Their life is full of good taste, friendships, and new adventures.

Nonetheless, “refresh” was an interesting choice of words.  What did he mean?  There are many other words circulating online:  reinvent, rewire, relaunch, but refresh surprised me.  It’s such a positive connotation. Like an aromatherapy shower, a semi-sweet lemonade, a moving poem, or laughter.

Self-expression can be refreshing.  It calls for us to identify a means of expression and then to do it.  That liminal space between pre-meditation and action can be delightfully refreshing.  Examples, you ask?

  • Exploring a career move and discovering unexpected opportunities.
  • Deepening your sense of fashion with a new look.
  • Discovering a genealogical clue and following it onward.
  • Planning a long-desired trip and booking it.

(These interests are what Expressive Age explores)!

As the man in my building said “goodbye,” he mentioned he was going up to cook a gourmet meal for a dinner party that he and his wife were hosting.  I casually said, “ah, that sounds refreshing,” and we smiled.

A worthwhile read is “Reinvention after 50: the path to a happier second half of life.”  While the word “refresh” is not mentioned. the author writes, “whatever word you use, the dynamics are the same: You reach a turning point in your life when outside forces and inner yearnings combine to convince you that you need a new path to remain vital and relevant.”