Move over Descartes!  I express, therefore I am.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about self-expression.  In other words, how do we express ourselves through the activities and interests that we pursue?  Clearly, there is some intentionality at play!  We don’t just take up expressive activities, for example, in career, fashion, genealogy, or travel by accident.  Or do we?

There’s a theory called Planned Happenstance that provides some insight, in that it suggests that careful planning (in careers, for example) may not always work because social factors, chance events, and environmental factors impact our experiences.  In a rapidly changing world, it’s important to put yourself where desirable things are likely to happen and then take action.  Could this be how we develop new activities and interests in the 3/4 of life?

Over the decades, we are exposed to many types of interests and activities.  Some we pursue; others we may put on a wish list for later; and others we may ignore all together.  As our roles change over our lifespan, some of those interests may become stronger and indicative of whom we are.  Our activities are not solitary pursuits.  There is always a community of others with similiar interests.  They can be found locally or online.

Exprimere Ego, cogito ergo sum