Dear Readers,

You haven’t seen any new posts here since April 2019.  At the time, I realized my initial motivation was to engage with my own midlife experience of aging and seek more beauty and meaningfulness.  There are a number of excellent blogs that focus on such topics and to compete for viewers was not where I wanted to put my energies.  I decided to suspend posting a year ago.

WELL, I AM BACK!  Tragically, the coronavirus has taken so many lives and impacted so many people’s financial security.  You may already be feeling overload from round-the-clock news stories and Zoom calls.  I know that I am.  This morning, I decided to post again because I resonated with the words, Expressive Age.  This is truly a time to reflect, finding new meaning, and future directions.  To be creatively expressive in coping with our new normal.  

Stay well.