Expressive Age provides thought-provoking blogs, video interviews, and resources. We focus on self-expression as we age by sharing concepts from psychology, medicine, mind-body health, life-long learning, work trends, recreation trends, and creative expression. You will find insights from positive psychology, social constructionism, Jungian archetypal concepts, work-life balance, Rewirement®, travel, nature, social relationships, creative expression, and much more. A delicious dose of ExpressiveAge is meaningful, playful, and resourceful.


To provide inspiration for self-expression as a meaningful aspect of identity and vitality for those particularly in the third quarter of a 100 year life span, that is, age 50 to 75.  As life evolves, we’ll expand to fourth quarter endeavors!


Suzanne Roff, Founder, ExpressiveAge

Suzanne Roff, PhD, Founder, Expressive Age

My name is Suzanne Roff, PhD, and I am the Founder of Expressive Age. “Who am I?” is a question that we all ask ourselves.  While I am not fond of labels, here are a few of mine: author, coach, educator, leader, psychologist, friend.

Growing up on what was once a tropical “paradise,” I had travel and hospitality instincts from an early age. After receiving a Master’s degree in Travel and Tourism Administration, I worked in the industry for a few years before returning to the University to complete a PhD degree in Psychology. My focus was on life span development, career and recreation. There was so much to research and understand about how people work and play. My dissertation on “Surprising Transformations of Time: Love beginning at Midlife” won an award.

My professional services changed over the years from psychotherapy and career counseling to executive coaching. A few years ago, I was widowed and needed to “re-invent” myself to move forward.  I launched Psychology21C to focus on 21st century psychology and served as the President of the Manhattan Psychological Association for two years.

Currently, I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University and serve on the Board a few lineage and historical societies. I am an active member of two program committees and enjoy inviting authors and other interesting people to present their work.

I bring these life experiences to Expressive Age to provide you with inspiration and resources.