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Natural Polymath meets Expressive Age

2019-01-22T22:54:05+00:00January 2019|EXPRESSIVE INTERESTS|

If you have many deep, expressive interests that you tend to incorporate into life on an ongoing basis, perhaps you’re a natural polymath!   What? The term “polymath” is usually reserved for those whose actionable ideas are in the top one percent of skill sets because they have integrated at least three very diverse domains into one.  Think Galileo, Darwin, Jobs, [...]

Follow Instagram and Follow Your Well Being

2019-05-28T18:33:43+00:00January 2019|FASHION, TRAVEL|

Are you following Expressive Age on Instagram?  If so, you see images to inspire and stimulate your self-expression.  Beware! While to date no one has conducted Instagram use research on those at an Expressive Age (50 to 75), research on women (age 18 to 35) suggests a negative outcome.  Rather than being inspired by beauty, fitness, or travel images, these [...]

Will 2019 be the year of Expressive YOU?

2019-01-12T15:00:49+00:00January 2019|EXPRESSIVE INTERESTS|

It's the second of 50 more weeks in 2019.  Will this be the year of Expressive YOU? I coined the term "Expressive Age" to re-brand existing stereotypes of aging.  It represents the idea that there is a time in life when circumstances allow for greater self-expression.   You have more freedom of time and resources to pursue your interests.  Usually this [...]

“…to your own taste.”

2019-01-02T22:54:12+00:00January 2019|EXPRESSIVE INTERESTS|

Journal of Eugène Delacroix (1798–1863). On the last page of his journal, 19c French artist Eugene Delacroix wrote: “The great artist roams his domain, and there he offers you a feast to his own taste.” What is so striking about this 150 year old statement is that it relates to everyone now—not just great artists.  As you express [...]

This year I resolve to…be resolute.

2018-12-31T13:23:44+00:00December 2018|TRAVEL|

Do you struggle with making and keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Are your resolutions nothing more than empty clichés? We all know that most New Year's resolutions are broken far before they bring about any substantive results. Think about your past commitments: increasing your exercise and/or losing those stubborn pounds, taking that plunge into a new career, booking tickets for that new [...]

Jingle all my way

2019-05-28T18:33:59+00:00December 2018|FASHION, TRAVEL|

Do jingle bells make you want to scream rather than rejoice? Does holiday cheer leave you almost cheerless? You’re not alone. Many people — either alone or with others — can feel vulnerable in December. The holiday season is one of celebration but, paradoxically, it can also take a toll on your wellbeing. In 2013, Forbes reached out to me about how time [...]

Why You Need a Post-Retirement Personal Branding Statement

2019-05-28T18:34:16+00:00December 2018|CAREER|

This week I am finalizing grades for students completing the course "Career Management and Transition" at New York University.  One of the required assignments is to present a Personal Branding statement to their classmates.  I started wondering why I haven't heard about post-retirement branding statements. Company brands are a well-known part of our culture.  Think Apple, Coca-Cola, Donna Karan, Ford, [...]

I Express, Therefore I Am

2018-12-06T18:51:37+00:00December 2018|EXPRESSIVE INTERESTS|

Move over Descartes!  I express, therefore I am. Lately, I've been thinking about self-expression.  In other words, how do we express ourselves through the activities and interests that we pursue?  Clearly, there is some intentionality at play!  We don't just take up expressive activities, for example, in career, fashion, genealogy, or travel by accident.  Or do we? There's a theory [...]

How do you re-fresh yourself?

2018-12-04T22:13:15+00:00November 2018|CAREER, EXPRESSIVE INTERESTS|

How does a city re-fresh itself? Perhaps by installing a Poetry Jukebox for people in a hurry.  I think of it as another version of slow down and smell the roses.  But what is shown here is a place to stand still and hear poems recited at a kiosk.  How do we "re-fresh" ourselves, particularly after the end of a [...]

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