How Not to Miss the Value of Good Design in Your Life

2019-05-28T18:32:46+00:00February 2019|FASHION|

My friend surprised me with an invitation to attend MoMA's exhibit The Value of Good Design (now through June 15th at the Museum of Modern Art - New York City).  I didn't expect that I would discover any inspiration for Expressive Age.  Afterall, it was an exhibit of household items and appliances that revolutionized lives from the 1930s to the 1990s.  [...]

Follow Instagram and Follow Your Well Being

2019-05-28T18:33:43+00:00January 2019|FASHION, TRAVEL|

Are you following Expressive Age on Instagram?  If so, you see images to inspire and stimulate your self-expression.  Beware! While to date no one has conducted Instagram use research on those at an Expressive Age (50 to 75), research on women (age 18 to 35) suggests a negative outcome.  Rather than being inspired by beauty, fitness, or travel images, these [...]

Jingle all my way

2019-05-28T18:33:59+00:00December 2018|FASHION, TRAVEL|

Do jingle bells make you want to scream rather than rejoice? Does holiday cheer leave you almost cheerless? You’re not alone. Many people — either alone or with others — can feel vulnerable in December. The holiday season is one of celebration but, paradoxically, it can also take a toll on your wellbeing. In 2013, Forbes reached out to me about how time [...]

Expressive Age likes Redefining Luxury

2018-10-26T05:51:20+00:00September 2018|FASHION|

What does luxury mean to you? Is it a quest for luxury to fly first class arriving at the same time as those in coach? Is it luxury to purchase exclusive, expensive brands of clothing at full price? If it isn't luxury, what is it? Is choosing luxury a form of self-expression? Expressive Age wants to know! I was so [...]

Advanced Style Meets Expressive Age

2018-10-29T17:25:54+00:00September 2018|FASHION|

One day, I hope to meet Ari Seth Cohen in the streets of Manhattan, maybe even the West Village where I spend much of my time. I hope that if our paths cross that I am wearing something classy, sassy, and fun.  While I am not a fashionista, I have a few close friends in their late sixties who are. [...]